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This technique consists of placing implants directly in the maxillary bone to replace the root of the tooth on which a fixed or removable crown, bridge or a fixed complete prosthesis can be held.

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Crown & Bridge

In order to strengthen a fragile tooth (large decay, broken or devitalized) our technicians restore the tooth by manufacturing a fixed crown (ceramic, ceramic metal, zircon or gold) which envelops the crown of the tooth.

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Personalized dental product to replace all of the natural teeth of the upper or lower jaw made from the patient's impressions (taken by a dentist or dent-urologist). This device can be removed (for cleaning or for sleeping) and put back in the mouth very easily.

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Orthodontic devices is an orthosis, not a dental prosthesis. The orthodontic appliance allows you to move the teeth that are not in an ideal position using hooks for retention or rings when resting on the molars and springs or inserts to put pressure on the teeth.

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We are happy to welcome your patients to our laboratory to speak with them about their wishes and needs. 100% of the patients who visited the Roger Picard dental lab. left with a smile.

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The satisfaction of our customers is of great importance to us, here is what some of our customers have to say about our services.

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Dre Lydia Pater
Clinique Dentaire Lydia Pater

“  C’est un laboratoire sérieux qui travaille avec précision et rapidité. Toujours à l’avant garde des technologies. Équipe très professionnel et à l’écoute de nos besoins ”

Dr Claudia Buraccu
Clinique Dentaire Dialogue

“ Un service d’une grande qualité, tout aussi exceptionnel après 10 ans de collaboration. ”